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July 29th
SSSC Ranch Rodeo #2
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August 25th
SSSC Ranch Rodeo #3
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March 1st 2015 Meeting Minutes

March meeting 8:00PM
    2015 Schedule was finalized by the club members in attendance
    • 3 Ranch Rodeos
    • 4 Open Sorts - will be held on the 2nd Sunday of the Month and we are going to start paying out for them.
    • Kids Day
    • Ranch Horse Competition
    • Summer Meetings will be held at the arena following the open sorts. Guesstimating they will be around 3:30.
    • Talked about adding some Roping Practices to the schedule. Dates are yet to be determined.

    Melvin Thompson will purchase Cattle again this year. He will decide whether or not he personally does it or we have someone buy for us.

    Trail Ride / Camp Out
    • Members Only
    • Will be at Sica Hollow Horse Camp
    • Dates to Be Determined

    We are going to add a Bow Gate to the South East end of the Arena for easier access.
    Next meeting May 10th following the Open Sort at approximately 3:30pm.
    • Election of Officers
    • Arena Clean-Up

    Meeting adjourned

Single: $20
Family: $30